30 WordPress Hacks You Gotta Have

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1. How to Display categories in horizontal Drop-Down menu

2. Create a Dynamic Sticky

3. How to Add a Print Button To Your Theme

4. How to Add an Email Button To Your Theme

5. How to Separate WordPress Comments and Trackbacks

6. Customize Your 404 Page

7. DiggProof your WordPress

8. Giving each WordPress post a thumbnail

9. How to Optimize Your WordPress Title

10. How to Format Images for Feed Readers

11. 4 Simple ways to Speed up WordPress

12. Add Gravatar for post author

13. How to Display recent post from specific category

14. How to Highlight author’s comments

15. Hiding Advertisements For Single Posts

16. Protect CSS Mods for ANY WordPress Theme

17. How to Open links in new windows

18. How to Embed Google Ad in first wordpress post

19. Creating an Archive Index

20. How to Display Twitter messages in WordPress

21. How to Add Stripe Ad in wordpress

22. Recover WordPress Password When You Have Forgotten It

23. How to embed YouTube Video in WordPress

24. How to Show Only a Post Excerpt

25. How To Add Numbers To Your Blog Comments

26. How to Create a Custom Page Template

27. How to Remove Ads from Select Categories

28. How to Separate Your Blogroll Categories

29. Make Your WordPress Blog Search Engine Friendly

30. WP: KeyBoard Shortcuts


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