All-In-One Vs Niche Themes, Epic Throw Down!

Yo designy people,
Today I need to know what YOU think.
We’ve seen many themes that do everything and claim to be “the last theme you’ll ever need”.
Also some have said that this year will be the year that designers come back to designing themes for a niche industry or purpose.
So I know that WP is all the rage and it’s most of what consumes my life as far as design.
So what do you say, What’s better for your jobs? All-In-One Vs Niche Themes, Epic Throw down Lets GO!

One thought on “All-In-One Vs Niche Themes, Epic Throw Down!

  1. Hi there – i understand how and why wordpress has exploded on the theme scene, but i hate it man. 100% prefer to build custom sites using expression engine. WordPress always feels like such a workaround, feel so trapped in the templates that are setup. EE makes setting up new page templates a breeze.

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