Gets a Whole New Look!

So it’s been 25 days has been open and we’re stoked at the response we’ve had to the site so far. I’d like to personally thank everyone who left comments and pointed out bugs in the site design.

I’m blown away by how much designers really are a rare breed, not in quantity of course 😉 but the way in which we freely give and feed off of each others passion. Even though we are mostly all in competition with each other it’s like we are all family in a way.

So I found the time today to overhaul the header and change the way posts are arranged.
It still needs some work but it’s a direction that I’m starting to like.

So I know this site is new so for those that care to read on here’s a little history on AlteredAdvice.
The name Altered came to me one day while I was praying about a new name. Ever-real was and still is the name I design under but it’s got a few things about it I’m not too fond of.

I never liked that the last letter the first word starts with and the first letter the last word starts with is an “r”. The dash makes it look better but it’s hard to remember or explain over the phone or when a visitor is typing the url in the browser.

The name looks best with all lower caps but this becomes a bumbling problem when you start talking about ever-real and you have to start off a sentence with ever-real. Do you capitalize it or not?

When you capitalize it Ever-real it looks pretty bad and if you don’t you look like a moron. lol

I don’t know if anybody else has dealt with a naming issue like this? Anyway Altered is the new name and I’ll start working on my other sites when I feel this one is running smooth.

Any comments thoughts or suggestions on the site design business naming or other awesome randomness would be welcomed.

2 thoughts on “ Gets a Whole New Look!

  1. It looks pretty decent mate, good job.

    I would highly recommend you do something about all of the bookmarking icons on the front page though, they look really intrusive like that. If they were all 16×16 icon size or so I think they would be much better, but really, you should normally just have bookmarking icons on the single pages.

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