Free WP Theme: ThrillingTheme

Basic Features

  • 4 Color Schemes – Shades of Grey, Thrilling Orange, Black & White, Icy Blue
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Customize your header with your own logo & snapshot image!
  • Auto-sized featured images & thumbnails
  • Easy integration with Twitter, Flickr & Facebook
  • Tabbed features/popular posts & more in the sidebar
  • Integration with FeedBurner email subscriptions
  • 125×125 and 300×250 ad management
  • Blog category dropdowns
  • 3 widget-ready sidebar areas
  • Built-in support for WordPress Related Posts
  • WP 2.7+ nested comments!
  • Gravatar support in comments
  • Compressed CSS & minified JavaScript for faster load time
  • Custom page templates for archives, sitemap & photo galleries
  • Easy customization with the integrated theme options page
  • Totally FREE for commercial & individual use

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Easily-Customizable Header

ThrillingTheme comes with an attractive, two-tone title font by default, or you can upload your own custom logo image. Additionally, if you want your own polaroid photo, upload any image to your Media Library, copy/paste the URL and ThrillingTheme automatically resizes, crops & frames your photo snapshot!

header Free WordPress Theme: ThrillingTheme

Social Media Integration

We’re all about the social media profiles around here! And we make it easy to integrate your latest Twitter updates, recent Flickr photos, and even insert a link to your Facebook group or fan page. The ThrillingTheme sidebar comes with pre-designed widgets for your RSS & email subscriptions, advertisements, Twitter, Flickr & more. One note: while there is widget support, these custom widgets are all hard-coded into the sidebar (in the most effective order I’ve found after 3 years of experimentation) so you’ll need to open up sidebar.php if you want to re-organize things.

socialmedia Free WordPress Theme: ThrillingTheme

Encouraging Readers to Engage

We’ve also optimized your post meta to keep visitors on your website longer and encourage them to share on social bookmarking sites. Single post pages come with quick submission buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon & more.  Post dates are moved to the bottom to encourage ever-green content. We’ve also built in support for the WordPress Related Posts plugin to encourage readers to dig deeper into your site.

bookmarking Free WordPress Theme: ThrillingTheme

Integrated Back-End Theme Options

The powerful admin options page allows you to make changes without editing code: add your logo, insert your own snapshot, change color schemes, easily integrate your Twitter, Flickr & Facebook profiles, add your Google Analytics tracking code, and manage your ad slots. Everything is plug-and-play!

options4 Free WordPress Theme: ThrillingTheme

Add Featured Photos to your Blog Posts

To display large, beautiful, preformatted feature photos on the main page, simply upload your photo to the media library, copy the full image URL and paste it in the custom “Featured Image URL” field on your Edit Post page. A script built into the theme will automatically re-size your images to 540×195 pixels for the front page and create thumbnail images for archive pages.

custom settings

Custom Page Templates

The theme comes with three preformatted custom page templates: an image gallery template, and sitemap and archives page templates for beautifully laid-out, quick links to all of your static pages, chronological & categorical archives.

templates2 Free WordPress Theme: ThrillingTheme

Cross-Browser Compatible

I’ve tested ThrillingTheme thoroughly to make it play nice with all major web browsers including Firefox 2+, Safari 2+, Internet Explorer 7+, Opera 9+, and Google Chrome. It has limited but functional compatibility with IE6, and even asks visitors to upgrade, if you want to encourage better web browsing like I do (you can turn this nag off if you like).

browsers1 Free WordPress Theme: ThrillingTheme

WordPress Compatibility

ThrillingTheme has been tested on WordPress version 2.5 and up. I’m willing to bet it is compatible with older versions, but for best results (and the most secure blog installation) it’s best to upgrade to at least WordPress 2.8. ;)

ThrillingTheme Details:

Demo: ThrillingTheme demo
Release date: October 28, 2009
Developer: Cody McKibben
Theme Type: Personal Blog, Travel Blog

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