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I’ve been using Simple Helix for some time now. I choose them because I was sick of the slow speeds of shared hosting plans I was using especially for Magento Drupal and WordPress sites I was setting up.

I was setting out a customer one day on the popular shopping cart system Magento.

The cart system is great (other than being a pain to customize) the only problem I had was the speed. The shared host was causing 14 sec+ page loads on DSl and cable connections.

These speeds were unacceptable so I set off to find a host who could handle the weight thrown around by Magento.

I found many hosts but one stood out by actually having a demo Magento shop for me to test drive. I had to be sure the host could actually do what they stated they could. I checked out the demo and man was it fast. Better yet I was told it runs on the lowest 19.95 a month plan!

Well I signed up the customer and needless to say he was super stoked with the performance and could not believe that 10 bucks more a month could so dramatically improve his shops speed both on the front end and in the dashboard.

I was so impressed with the speed and cpanel setup that I signed up and moved all six of my sites over to SH.

I’ve had them for 1 year and the speed and service is great.

There are only two cons that I’ve had with the host and they are:

A: No phone support. Tickets work good and the support staff are helpful and friendly to work with though. My tickets got responded to within an hour; under 30 mins for most.

B: Had a problem with welcome letter being added to spam folder on some webmail clients (Yahoo was one). Easy way around was just to call and tell the client to check the spam folder and forward to me.

Fast performance.
Knowledgeable and friendly support.
Easy to use and chock full of features CPanel that also works great if you manage multiple domains and sites.
Tons of one click installers for: WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc..

Here are some links to SimpleHelix information.
List of one click installers

I run 6 sites off of the $20 a month plan and it runs nice and smooth.

The Control Panel took some getting used to but for people who work with multiple domains it works great and makes perfect sense.

Overall I did like SH and find setting up websites through them to be a fast and simple process.

So that’s it, a simple honest review of Simple Helix hosting.

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