Interface Designers, Let’s Talk 960 Grid System

Hey everybody,
Today I’dd like to talk about the 960 grid system.

The 960 grid system is used in some the top WordPress themes today.

Even in e-commerce the 960 grid system is being used by sites like open cart.
The 960 grid system allows for standardized sizing in items like sidebar images aligning buckets and creating gallery grid layouts.
Like all things there are drawbacks. One drawback that I noticed was when designing a interface with a different background color then content background color you are only given 10 pixels of white space on either side of your boxed in interface.
One way I worked around this is by creating a container div 1000 pixels wide and injecting the 960 grid system inside of it. this way I get the best of both worlds.
Plenty of whitespace on either side of my interface. And also all the wonderful features and ease-of-use that 960.GS provides.

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