We Need Bulk Image Insert Into WordPress Posts

I love creating reallly long design posts like the one I’m building right now on 600+ Beautiful Business Card Designs.

Adding Bulk Image Insert Into WordPress Posts

The challenge is how to add lots of photos to a post in a reasonable amount of time.
One issue is WordPress only allows you to upload so many pictures at a time. I think I could add about 15 or so. If I added more than that WP would not budge and just sat there like a lazy person. Now of course I could use FTP to bulk upload a bunch of photos to the wp-content/uploads folder which would get around that issue.

The Main Problem with Bulk Image Insert Into WordPress Posts

The problem is you can only insert one photo at a time into a wordpress post. Even worse yet every time you insert a photo the thick box windows closes so you have to click on the insert image into posts button again and again.
I’m not sure why this feature has escaped multiple version updates but I believe it’s a needed feature long overdue.

Do you agree?

I found one kind of alright plugin but the code it exports into my posts was rather frighting.

It’s called: Faster Image Insert

Does anyone know of a good existing plugin to bulk image insert into WordPress posts or should we join forces with an existing ticket (or start a new one) and fight to insert lots of photos into our posts?

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