WordPress WP-Admin Blank Page Fix

I just had a problem logging in after doing some major theme overhauling editing work.

When I typed in alteredadvice.com/wp-admin all I got was a blank screen. I thought bad plugin or theme right? Well turns out it a whole lot easier of a fix. Basically I looked in my functions.php and found empty spaces at the top and bottom of my code. These spaces at the top or bottom of the functions.php file kill the admin dashboard.

Just thought I’d pass this little note along as one thing that can happen to wait 30 mins of your time. 😉

Found the fix here: WordPress Help

43 thoughts on “WordPress WP-Admin Blank Page Fix

  1. I was about to start yelling at my webhost until I found your article. I was messing with functions.php earlier in the day, but I was still logged in admin. Once I tried on another computer, nothing. Found out it was just one space that caused it to crash. You are a life saver.

  2. Thanks mate. I had left a line wile adding a function thus mine had a blank line in the middle, which screwed it up.

  3. Yes!!!!! I’ve spent the last hour filtering through loads of complicated non-sense before coming across your post.

    I took your advice, edited my functions.php file and voila! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. You’re a lifesaver. Thank you so much for posting this! I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why I couldn’t get to the admin console for my site while working under a tight deadline.

  5. Wow thanks for the nice advice. Since I’ve got the same problem and go across to google and type to search “blank page on wp-admin”, then found you in first page. You save my blog. Thank you so much

  6. It works. I just remove the blank line at the end of function.php. I don’t know before a simple blank line can make wp-admin not accessible.

    Thanks, your site shows up at the first page of search result.

  7. Nice! I was rewriting a plugin, and I got the blank login!

    Saved me some headache!

    Will definitely link back to you when I write a post on plugins, thanks!

  8. wtf? Why? Gah, it seems so illogical. Does WP parse the end of the file, or lines in the “next” one for something specific? Either way, I’m an unhappy camper :-/ Well, it’s fixed now.

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